Day-Care Voucher-System


The 8 main Questions to the Day-Care Voucher-System:

1. How do I receive a Day-Care Voucher (= Kita-Gutschein)?

The parents have to fill out the form called: "Antrag auf den Besuch des Kindergarten" ( = Application for a place in a Kindergarten). They also have to fill in the form: "Fragebogen zu den wirtschaftlichen Verhältnissen" ( = questions about your income). Both these forms are available on the internet (please see below) or with the local authority (Jugendamt) in your district-townhall (ask in the so called "Geschäftszimmer").

2. When should these forms be sent in?

Ideally, these forms should be sent in to the authority 3 months before you want to start at your kindergarten. But you can alsoDay-Care Coupon System put it in six months in advance. No acknowledgement will be sent out by the authority.

3. Is every application being granted?

Generally, every child 3 years and older is entitled to half a day in the daycare (4 hours; January 1, 2005 onwards even 5 hours incl. lunch). Those applications with full- or part-daycare ( 6, 8 or 10 hours) are being checked. They are mainly for those families with an urgent need. August 1, 2006 onwards, this is the case when both parents are busy working or in education. They will be guaranteed a day-care-place for their children under the age of 14 for the same timing as of their work/ education plus travelling-time to work/ education. This is also the case, when: a.) there is a very heavy personal or family situation with the child, b.) if daycare is the condition for the parents to start a job, c.) if a child needs special speech therapy or language lessons or d.) if a current daycare arrangement is to be continued, as both of the parents or single parent are busy working. All other application will be granted as long as there is a budget.

4. When will they give me notice?

First notice anybody will get is in May 2003. In the cases where applications have been turned down, parents can appeal in writing, addressed to the special authority (Jugendamt), from which the decision came.

5. What do I have to do, when I receive a voucher?

With that voucher, you come straight to us. If we do not have any vacancies, you need to continue looking.

6. How about the waiting-list system?

Even when you have a voucher, you are advised to put your name down on our waiting-list. This is to make sure, that your voucher is being handled with priority.

7. Are there any known cases, when a voucher was not been granted?

Yes, but only on applications for part- or full-daycare. For those parents, who are not working and are not mentioned in point no. 3, a grant for more than 4 hours is impossible/very unusual.

8. How long are these vouchers valid for?

The vouchers are valid for a year. Before they run out, you have to ask for a renewal (see point 2.). For any further questions, please go into the internet to On top of that, there are brochures in any authority of your district (Jugendamt).

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