Our Strong Points


youth-style Villa

  • Up to 48 children in small fixed groups for full and half day 
  • Harmonious Team (fully educated Educators, Nannies and 1 MBA)
  • Generous Rooms in a youth-style Villa
  • Huge Garden with large Trees
  • Individual Caring and Furnishing (Strollers is adapting with the growing ages and needs of its children)
  • Parties arranged with Love and Care
  • Regular cleaning and changing Service for the smaller Children Day-Care-Center
  • A quiet siesta time
  • Variable and healthy Menu
  • All Meals taken together at the same time
  • Local Excursions
  • A lot of Variety and Sports
  • Educational Institution for Nannies in Education
  • Shopping Service for Parents
  • Open 50 Weeks a Year for 50 Hours a Week
  • Parking at the front of the Villa
  • Very close proximity to public transport (Bus and Tram)
  • Payment individually or with Day-Care-Coupons


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